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Terms of use of web – site 

  1. This  web-site, also referred to as “ Your Legal Advisor in Kazakhstan ” (hereinafter referred to as the “ Web-site”) , is a collection of information  and data, including samples of standardized drafts of civil contracts (hereinafter referred to as “the Contracts”).
  2. Any and all materials (data, information) displayed on the Web-site, or generated as a result of the Web-site (the “Materials”), are the subject of intellectual property , protected in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, and belong to the owner of the site, as described below.
  3. Third parties, using the Web-site (hereinafter collectively referred to as – “Users” and individually – “User” ) may use the Web-site and the Content solely for the purposes and on the terms described herein (hereinafter – the “Terms”).
  4. Materials provided on the Web-site, or generated by the Web-site, are provided to the User on an “as is” basis, meaning that notwithstanding any provisions hereof stipulating the contrary the Web-site owner does not provide any warranties (express or implied) with respect to such Materials, their correctness, relevance, completeness, compliance with any standards and (or) requirements, including , the requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation, absence of errors,  as well as applicability for any specific purposes, including the objectives , the use of which is expressly permitted hereby
  5. A User shall carry full liability and risks of occurrence of any adverse effects, occurring as a result of the lawful or unlawful use of the Web-site and (or) Materials.
  6. Text documents ( in  “Samples contracts ” sections of the Web-site) are standardized drafts of civil contracts. User independently determines if usage of the Agreements is acceptable in the form in which such Contracts are presented on the Web-site, or, at its own discretion, can make any necessary amendments and additions. The Web-site, in no way, can be considered as a replacement for a lawyer, but only as a technical tool facilitating the preparation of standardized civil contracts. The site owner strongly recommends any Agreement  to be analyzed and , if necessary, amended by a professional lawyer, taking into account all the particular circumstances and needs of the Users .
  7. User shall have right to use Contracts posted on the Web-site, exclusively as a draft for civil contracts. At the same time , such Contracts shall not contain provisions and materials directly prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and (or) other applicable law, and should not be aimed at achieving illegal goals.
  8. Users are not entitled to copy, duplicate or distribute the Materials and any parts of the Web-site without the prior written consent of the Web-site Owner, except for the use expressly provided for in clause 7 hereof.
  9. The “Lawyer Services” section of the Web-site and the provisions and Materials contained therein do not constitute a public offer with respect to the provision of consulting and (or) other legal services, but only informs the about Web-site Owner’s interest in providing such services, with the exception of services requiring (in accordance with the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan) the  license to practice law. The Web-site Owner does not have the status of a attorney and is not entitled to provide services requiring such a status.
  10. The possibility of providing consulting and other legal services in each individual case is determined by the Web-site Owner independently, based on information provided by the relevant potential customer. The relations between the Web-site Owner and a potential customer regarding the provision of consulting and other legal services are determined by a separate written agreement concluded between them and are not subject to regulation hereof.
  11. All disputes that arise or may arise between the owner of the Web-site and the user, shall be resolved through negotiations. In case the Parties fail to come to an agreement on the dispute within 10 (ten) business days from the date when one of the parties has notified the other of the existence of a dispute, such disputes as well as disputes relating to invalidity and (or) the applicability of these Terms shall be subject to resolution in the International Arbitration “IUS”, in accordance with its current rules. The decision of the International Arbitration “IUS” shall be deemed as final.     
  12. These Terms, as well as all legal relations not regulated by the Terms, but arising from them, are governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  13. The User acknowledges that the actual use of the Web-site means the irrevocable and unconditional acceptance of the provisions hereof.
  14. The owner of the Web-site is Boris Kruglov, a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan IIN 800414300117.